5 Reasons We’re Excited to Call L’Enfant Plaza Home



1. L’Enfant Plaza’s Rennaisance
JBG Companies has initiated a complete renovation of L’Enfant Plaza to include new retail, office, and cultural spaces that emphasize sustainability and green practices. Development of a 10th street civic corridor that would connect the Mall to the Waterfront is also in the works. (We suspect bike lanes will abound in this new design!) For now, one can still enjoy thehistoric architecture, La Promenade’s variety of dining options that will continue to grow in 2014, and Bike and Roll tours starting this March!

2. Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative
Though the plan has been in the works for several years, the SW Ecodistrict Initiative has picked up speed as of late. This urban renewal will revolutionize and revitalize the L’Enfant neighborhood (more specifically, the 15 block radius from 12th to 4th street, bound by Independence Ave and the Waterfront.) The project is focused on interconnectivity between the National Mall and the Waterfront that will be achieved through sidewalks, bike lanes, reconnecting avenues, and creating various pedestrian and park spaces along the way. We can’t wait to see this innovative vision take shape!

3. Proximity to the National Mall
Need we say more? Having the Smithsonian Institution Castle in your backyard is nothing to sneeze at! One block south of the National Mall, L’Enfant Plaza is just a short walk, or bike ride from all the major sites to see in Washington, DC.

4. Proximity to the Waterfront
Another benefit of being just south of the Mall comes in the form of the lovely SW Waterfront! Dubbed the Wharf, this area will also undergo exciting new renovations to transform the neighborhood into something more reminiscent of the Baltimore National Harbor or the Seattle Downtown Waterfront (with a DC flare, of course.) For now, the Waterfront still offers beautiful views, the legendary Fish Market, marinas, and Arena Stage.

5. Access to the Cherry Blossom Trees
Talk about direct entry to the cherry blossoms! East Potomac Park, Hains Point, and the Tidal Basin are just a stone’s throw (or roll…) away from L’Enfant Plaza. We’ll be able to take our customers to, from, and around the blossoms more efficiently than ever before thanks to our new location.