6 Spots to Snap an Instagram-worthy Cherry Blossoms photo

It’s been a confusing few weeks for all of us Cherry Blossom watchers, but we’re hearing whispers that peak bloom is finally only a few days away! Our daily Blossoms by Bike tours are offered through the end of March and we cant wait for more blossoms to bloom! This special ride showcases the famous cherry trees and amazing sea of pink and white blossoms surrounding the Potomac Tidal Basin and East Potomac Park.  Click here for more information and to book your Blossoms by Bike Tour.
The question does remain: if you didn’t post a picture of the Cherry Blossoms on social media…did you even see them?!  We’ve compiled a list of 6 spots around DC to snap the perfect Instagram-worthy photo.  Check out our list of some expected–and some hidden–spots to snap Blossoms photos. PS–be sure to tag your photos with #bikeandroll!

1.) The Tidal Basin 
The Tidal Basin is definitely Cherry Blossom Ground Zero. There are 1,678 trees along the 1.8 miles of pathways surrounding the Basin and the views across the water provide great foreground and background elements. One of the best spots around the Tidal Basin is near the FDR Memorial where you’ll find a Japanese Lantern Sculpture and clean views of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. If you want the perfect photo be sure to visit early in the morning–before the crowds of people arrive!

tidal basin

2.) Hains Point/East Potomac Park
The nearly three miles of roads around Hains Point are mostly used as a place for people to park during the cherry blossom season. But…a little known fact is that this area actually has more trees than the Tidal Basin!  Hains Point is one of the spots you’ll ride to on our Blossoms by Bike tour.  It’s a great spot to pose for pictures with your friends and family with a sea of Cherry Blossoms surrounding you.hains point

3.) The Steps of the Jefferson Memorial 
The view from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial–in any season–is one of our favorite spots in Washington.  Add Cherry Blossoms into the mix and you have the recipe for a perfect Instagram-ready photo. (#nofilter) The steps of the Jefferson Memorial provide a beautiful 180-degree view of the tree lined tidal basin.jefferson

4.) The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial 
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial’s nickname, the Stone of Hope, comes from a line in King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Let pink and white blossoms dot the foreground of a photo featuring the prominent statue—the 30-foot structure is surrounded by 182 new cherry blossom trees planted for the opening in 2011.mlk

5.) Lower Senate Park 
Just to the North of the Capitol there is a park with fountains, benches, and a few dozen cherry trees.  This area gets passersby that are heading from Union Station to the Capitol (or vice versa) but otherwise people don’t seek these trees out.  This provides a great opportunity for pictures without all the crowds.lower senate

6.) The US National Arboretum ​
One of the city’s best kept Cherry Blossom secrets are the picturesque spots to see them off the mall–and the US National Arboretum is definitely one of our favorites!​ The U.S. National Arboretum covers its 446 acres with dogwoods, crape myrtle trees, a bonsai museum, and, best of all, a collection of cherry trees, including some hybrid species bred by staff scientists.  The National Arboretum is the perfect destination to ride your bike on a spring day!arboretum