Aladdin the Christmas Camel Arrives at Mount Vernon

If any of you follow Bike and Roll here (or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), you may have noticed we have a special affinity for a certain plush ungulate… yes, we’re talking about Aladdin the Camel!

PicMonkey CollageAladdin

But did you happen to know that our social media mascot is a fuzzy replica (shhh, don’t tell him that!) of the real deal? We kid you not! There is a REAL camel… named Aladdin… who visits Mount Vernon every year for Christmas! (And, did we mention he is an especially friendly camel with a fondness for smooching his visitors?)

The real deal, Monsieur Aladdin himself (he even has a Facebook!), will arrive at Mount Vernon estate this year on November 28th.

Be sure to visit him during the special Christmas at Mount Vernon program this year, and keep up with our special mini-Aladdin too!