Changing of the Guard: Goodbye, Jeffrey!

PicMonkey Collage Jeffrey

We’d like to say an “official” goodbye to our trusty/amazing/superb/exceptional/fantastic Operations Manager, Jeffrey Holliday! His immeasurable impact at Bike and Roll DC will surely be felt for years to come (yes- he was just that good!). We’re all very excited for what the future will bring him, and are thrilled to welcome new “Ops Man”, Keith Winer to the team! (More on him soon…)

As some of you may know, aside from being an all-around great employee, Jeffrey was frequently the “talent” in our marketing endeavors. Let’s take a look back at some of his major starring roles…

There was that time he led a filmed Segway tour around DC… Or that time he played adown and out Film Noir protagonist… or even that time he reenacted “Starbucks Drake hands”! But, lest we forget, his shining role as our cheesy bike salesman!

Ahhh, we sure will miss him… Happy Trails, Jeffrey!