DC Cool Bikes Now Available (with This Bar Saves Lives snack!)

PicMonkey Collage DC Cool

What’s cooler than cool? DC Cool.

Washington’s new creative ad campaign, run by Destination DC, aims to capture the essence of our capital’s innate energy by highlighting local hot spots and off-the-beaten path must-see’s to potential visitors.

Running for all of 2014, this campaign was inspired in large part by the new American Coolexhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. This exhibit examines the very nature of what it means to be “cool,” using several legendary celebrity figures’ portraits to illustrate the point— think Miles Davis, Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday, Jay-Z, Kurt Cobain, etc. Pretty, well, cool… right?

Keeping in line with this concept, we’ll be offering our interpretation of DC (and American) “Cool” in the form of awesomely retro chic bikes available for rent at our new Downtown DC location.

Our DC Cool bike is the epitome of cycling in style; these babies come equipped with supple leather seats, hammered aluminum fenders, and front baskets as an homage to the golden age of cycling. They’ll even be named after 12 of the celebrities from the “American Cool” exhibit, so don’t be surprised when you spot Jimi Hendrix riding around the Lincoln Memorial!

And to make things even cooler yet, we’ll also be including a This Bar Saves Lives snack bar (the company we raved about here) and a bottle of water with every full day rental. These beautiful bikes will go for $11/hr and are available on a walk-up first come, first served basis.

::Snaps fingers and scats for extra cool-ness::