Before and After your Bike and Roll DC Experience: What to Know

So, you’ve booked a tour with us because you heard about us from a friend, or maybe you found us on TripAdvisor (we are #2 of 50 Outdoor Activities in DC, after all!). Or, maybe you’re renting a bike with us for the fiftieth time. Either way, there are some things to know before and after your tour so you can have the best experience. Here they are!


Check the weather
While we do go out on tour rain or shine and provide ponchos, we recommend you check13 the weather because in D.C., the weather can change faster than you can say “filibuster.” You can change your tour time/day up until 24 hours before its scheduled start time. Unfortunately, we don’t allow same-day changes or cancellations—so please be mindful of this if you’re someone who doesn’t like a little rain on their parade.

Get to your tour on time
Check-in starts 15 minutes before your tour starts, so it’s important to be on time! If you’re getting to L’Enfant Plaza via the metro stop, here’s a handy dandy trip planner for you to know how to get to us with enough advanced notice. Many of our guests also prefer to take an Uber or Lyft ride instead of worrying about parking, too.

Grab some food
All of the sightseeing will make you work up an appetite, and while we do provide you with water and a snack during your tour, you may want to grab a bite to eat beforehand. The L’Enfant Plaza food court has 40+ restaurants and shops ranging from California Tortilla to Panda Express. Forget your sunscreen? There is a CVS pharmacy downstairs, too!


Use the lou!
We don’t have a bathroom directly in our office, and while some of our stops during our tours include bathroom breaks, it’s better to just go beforehand. The L’Enfant Plaza retail center has three bathroom areas throughout, so you can’t miss ‘em.

*Ahem* A note about SUNDAY FUNDAY
When planning your trip to our office, plan ahead with about 15 minutes of extra time because our metro system undergoes many routine changes, especially on Sundays, so it might run a little more slowly.  Also, the L’Enfant Plaza food court is closed on Sundays, so use the bathroom and grab a bite to eat beforehand. We don’t want you to be hangry during your tour!


Hold your horses–don’t leave us just yet!
We have something for you. A wise man/woman once said, “Don’t sell a ‘souvenir’ shirt unless you’d personally wear it to a party.”  With that proverb in mind, we created a 2017 commemorative “In Bicycles We Trust” t-shirt thabike and roll t shirtst’s perfectly quirky, comfortable, and stylish for just $18!

Grab a rotating deals card inside our office
Since we are a locally based, family-owned business, we like to have close relationships with other local businesses. What this means for you = DEALS.  Stop inside our office and pick up a coupon card with one of our ever-changing rotating deals, like free chips and salsa or a museum entrance discount.

Skedaddle on over to the L’Enfant Plaza food court before it closes
Do this if you’re done with your tour in the afternoon, since many restaurants start closing as early as 5 p.m.. If you want to grab something quick, eating here is your best bet because there aren’t too many other places to eat in the area. Areas north of the National Mall, like Chinatown, have some great full-service restaurants. If you’ve just finished a night tour, nothing will be open at 9:30 p.m. here, so plan for dinner accordingly.

Teaser alert: Last boat not least, take the scenic route
Opening in October of 2017, the District Waterfront in the southwest part of town is just a stone’s throw away from our National Mall location. The wharf has a varied history of Native American settlement, to being envisioned as an entryway for the nation’s capital, to its use as a military hub and eventually a fish market.wharf

After a massive revitalization effort, there will be so much more to do than just dine on freshly caught fish. Whether you rent a kayak or go to a concert, there’s going to be something for everyone here so you can keep on enjoying our fabulous city!


Post by Char Stoever