Meet Kendall: Marketing & Social Media Manager

Hello, I’m Kendall! I’m new here.

What’s important for you to know is that I have assumed the duties of the Marketing and Social Media Manager as of a month ago. What is not quite as important for you to know is that I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, graduated from The University of Virginia, and have worked everywhere from dog walking to political campaigns. All that aside, the most important thing for you to know is this: I am a klutz. My earliest gravity-induced incident that I can remember was at age three where I fell and whapped my head against a glass table. The fall resulted in a small scar above my left eye and has been my excuse for being inept at math. On any day, my legs are covered with medallions of bruises due to coffee table related impacts. I trip on level sidewalks, crash into open cabinet doors, and should write an apology letter to my pinky toes. As a result, I am the Clara Barton of scrape soothing and your most reliable Band-Aid dealer.

Long story short: bull in a china shop? Think elephant.

After I accepted this gig, among the first people I told were my cousins. They are well aware of my balance-challenged ways and have bestowed upon me the nicknames, “Grace,” and “delicate flower.” After the general applause the inevitable question was popped, “will you have to ride a Segway?” Yes. In order to promote all of our tours and services at Bike and Roll, I made it my mission to take each bike and Segway tour for a spin. So, yes, me, Kendall, the walking incident report would mount a Segway and attempt to roll into the sunset. I thought I’d have more time before the fateful Segway tour but on my second day of work, there I was, faced with my metal steed.

But, before I get to that, here’s some info on Paul Blart Mall Cop’s ride of choice:

  1. The Segway is a rather new piece of technology. Inventor Dean Kamen founded “the Company,” in 1999 and the first Segway Personal Transporter (or Segway PT) was released to the public in November 2002. Segway is currently privately owned.
  2. The Segway was originally to be a wheelchair positioned higher off the ground. That idea was scrapped, and the Segway was born.
  3. If you studied Italian, you’d be able to discern that the name Segway comes from
    the word segue, meaning interrupted transition.
  4. The Segway PT uses “Leansteer technology” which relies on micro-machined angular rate sensors which sense which way the rider is leaning and balances the rider in the direction of the lean. For my fellow non-STEM majors, this means that the pressure you apply to the front or the back of the Segway tells the Segway which direction to go and the Segway reacts to that pressure by counterbalancing you, keeping you upright.
  5. The Segway has 3 speed settings (I was delighted to discover that the slowest is called “turtle mode.”) The standard speed reaches about 12.5 miles per hour. Horsepower wise it’s a trot, not a gallop.
  6. Much to my delight, our Segway PT’s have built in safety features to alert the rider if they are exceeding recommended speeds. The handlebars shake and rattle to alert the rider to slow down to a stop and step off.

Feel a bit more educated? Good. Back to me.

Luckily for me, Bike and Roll’s first priority when it comes to Segway tours is safety. Before every Segway tour, guests watch a 5-minute educational video, are fitted to a helmet, and are given a second safety instruction from one of our trained guides. Before embarking on our Sites by Segway tour, I texted a photo to my cousins:

Their confidence in this “delicate flower” was overwhelming. My guide, Calee, quickly put me at ease. She demonstrated the proper way to mount and dismount a Segway a few times before giving us the reins. I sheepishly waited for my tour-mates to take a spin on Calee’s Segway before stepping forward and taking two “quick, confident steps” up and on to the platform. In just a few minutes, I was Blarting all over L’Enfant Plaza. The Segway is definitely an adjustment, but so fun. With Calee’s instruction and encouragement all of my clumsy fears were left in clouds of seg dust.

We rode away from L’Enfant Plaza and on to the National Mall for the Sites by Segway tour. This tour covers all of the DC essentials, from the US Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. At each stop, we dismounted our Segways and were given plenty of time to experience the monuments and memorials. The Sites by Segway tour is an excellent way to see the city, but Bike and Roll offers private tours for folks who want to make customized routes.

All in all, neither a bruise nor bump graced this bod after my Segway tour, and I’m really looking forward to segging again soon! Use code “BLOG” when you book on our website for $5 off any Segway experience! Join us on a tour sometime, ya hear?

Until next time,

Kendall Gibson

Marketing and Social Media Manager, Bike and Roll DC


About Bike and Roll DC:

Bike and Roll DC has proudly operated in our Nation’s Capital for seventeen years. We specialize in “5 Star Fun” including (but not limited to) bike rentals, kid’s bike rentals, tandem bike rentals, road bike rentals, bike tours, Segway tours, and customized tours. We pride ourselves on striving for only the best when it comes to customer service on our rentals and unique tours! Bike and Roll has two locations in the DMV area, including our L’Enfant Plaza location (right behind the spy museum!) and our Old Town Alexandria location. Visit our Old Town Alexandria location for electric/traditional bicycle rentals and Mt. Vernon experiences! #BookDirect with us right here on our site! Don’t forget code BLOG for special discounts!