On a Roll with This Bar Saves Lives

PicMonkey Collage TBSL

So, you may have noticed there have been a lot of exciting changes going on here at Bike and Roll DC these past few months… (Oh, ya know— a new National Mall location, shaking things up a bit in Alexandria, a brand new Segway cherry blossom tour, and perhaps another location announcement to make in the very near future…) Needless to say, we’ve been some seriously busy bees!

Spring is always a fun time for us since it means the kick-off of a new season and National Cherry Blossom Festival tours to boot! But this spring especially has some wonderful surprises in store for our (amazingly awesome) customers. We are thrilled to announce a special partnernship and treat for this year’s cherry blossom tour-goers: Dark Chocolate Cherry & Sea Salt snack bars from This Bar Saves Lives!

Ever-so-aptly “cherry” themed (and all for a great cause!) This Bar Saves Lives makes delicious, all-natural, non-GMO snack bars. And for every bar sold, they give a packet of life-saving food (fantastically named, Plumpy’Nut) to a child in need. How’s that for smart snacking?

Just one more cool thing for you guys to look forward to… beyond the general awesomeness that our cherry blossom tours provide anyway!