Presidential Petting Zoo

Did you know we keep a small petting zoo at our L’Enfant Plaza location? That’s right, we tend after three horses, two cows, twelve dogs, two cats, and even a ram. Luckily for us, it’s a well behaved bunch.

Each one of our Segways is named after a Presidential pet. So, if you join us on one of tours be sure to check the decals emblazoned on the stem signifying the name of your beast of burden. And, if you’re curious, your tour guide can tell you exactly which Commander in Chief it snuggled up with. Or if you want the cheat sheet ahead of time, here’s our list:

Dog Cat Horse Cow Ram
Bo (Obama) Rosie (Grant) Dixie (Lincoln) Billie Button (Grant) Mooly Wooly (Taft) Old Ike (Wilson)
Feller (Truman) Checkers (Nixon) Socks (Clinton) The General (Tyler) Pauline (Taft)
Laddie Boy (Harding) Fala (FDR) Macaroni (JFK)
Winks (FDR) Veto (Garfield)
Hector (Cleveland) Grits (Carter)
Miss Beasley (GW Bush) Rex (Reagan)