5 Things to Do this Spring Break-and beyond!

Whether you live a few metro stops away, or you’re flying across 11 time zones to see Dorothy’s Ruby Red slippers at The American History Smithsonian, we wanted to let you know about some fun things to do around DC this spring. There’s something for everyone here, from the solo spring breaker to the family of nine. Spring is in full swing in DC, so check out our list of things to do below!

1.) See DC with us! 

April is a great month to get outside and walk, bike, or ride a segway  through the city. The great thing about our tours is that they’re informative, fun, and affordable. Prefer to explore at your own pace? Rent a bike and create your own adventure in the city! 

Did you know we also offer walking tours at the National Museum of American History? We worked with Smithsonian staff to design this tour, during which we do some major myth-busting associated with America’s history. Bet you didn’t know that George Washington actually didn’t have wooden teeth, did you? Lincoln’s famous top hat and the Star-Spangled Banner are just a few highlights, and we’ll give you the inside scoop on these treasured objects.

2.) Take a White House Spring Garden Tour 

white-house-garden-56a236be5f9b58b7d0c7f709Get your #WHGarden photo session on with this weekend tour that’s given only in April and October. Take a stroll through the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden, White House Kitchen Garden and South Lawn of the White House. Tickets are timed,so you can’t stop and smell the roses forever, but they are free! Pick yours up at the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion on 15th and E Street NW on each tour day!


3.) Visit The National Air & Space Museum national-air-and-space-museum-douglas-dc-3-02

Did you know the Air & Space Museum is the world’s second most popular museum–AND it’s located just a few short blocks from Bike and Roll’s National Mall location?  It’s true–and the museum is tons of fun for the whole family! It’s not just the free admission or the NASA-themed socks at the gift shop that attract the crowds. Watch a screening of “A Beautiful Planet 3D” at the IMAX theater, touch a piece of moon rock, learn more about the original Wright Brothers’ 1903 airplane or “Journey to the Stars” at the Einstein Planetarium.

Insider Tip: While on most days the museum closes at 5:30, there are extended hours! Here’s when the museum opens until 7:30.

4.) Grab a bite to eat!

If you’re visiting D.C., chances are you’re spending a chunk of time in or near the National Mall, and you’ll definitely work up an appetite with so many things to do. If you’re on the go, The Park Service has kiosks with hot dogs and sandwiches all along The Mall. While the Smithsonian museums’ cafes are relatively expensive (hey, these museums have to make up for their free admission year-round somehow) and crowded, they’re pretty convenient and tasty.

If you’re chaperoning a group of 57 middle schoolers who cannot decide if they want pizza or tacos, your best bet is the cafe at the National Gallery of Art for its variety. Picky eaters won’t have much to complain about in the Cascade Café, which offers soups, salads, pizza, sushi, sandwiches, fresh-baked desserts, and more. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Sculpture Garden at The Pavilion Café. pavilion1aNeed a boost? There’s a full espresso bar, too, offering the sugar-kick you’ll need with homemade gelato. Finally, satisfy French food cravings at Café Provençal, a French-style bistro, offering an à la carte menu and buffet.

There’s also The American Indian Museum’s Mitsitam Café. It’s only open from 11 AM – 3 PM so don’t miss your chance to enjoy some Bison Chili and Fry Bread with June Berry Sauce for dessert.

5.) Watch a Nationals Baseball Game at Nationals Park 


Give your tired feet a break, grab a box of Thai-style chili wings, and watch DC’s team play against The Mets, The Phillies, The Orioles and more this April and May! The Cardinals, and more (facepaint optional).  Once you finally make it to you seat, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the Anacostia River, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol Building. Fun fact: This stadium is one of the greenest in the nation. It was built with 20% of recycled materials!

And there you have it! We hope our list of 5 things to do in Washington, DC over Spring Break (and beyond!) has helped you have a better idea of what to expect and how to make your trip as fun and enjoyable as possible.
Post by Char Stoever