Bike and Roll DC’s fashion design team has been hard at work creating an awesome shirt that we’re sure will land you on the top of “Best Dressed” lists for years to come!  (Well, you’ll definitely be on the top of our list ;)…).  A wise man/woman once said, “Don’t sell a ‘souvenir’ shirt unless you’d personally wear it to a party.”  With that proverb in mind, we were inspired to create a shirt that was the perfect mix of comfortable, fun and cool (just like our tours!) Introducing our hot-off-the-press, 2017 commemorative t-shirts…DRUM. ROLL. PLEASE…..


bike and roll t shirts


Printed on Next-Level brand shirts, in the softest material imaginable (you know the kind we’re talking about!), the shirts are available in sizes S-XL and can be yours for only $18.  For right now, they are available to purchase in-person at our National Mall location, but if you’re interested in buying from afar, we can make that happen too! (Just shoot [email protected] an email with your order specifications, and we’ll be in touch ASAP!)


-Abe, George, Thomas and Teddy

prezshirt front