These Bikes Save Lives

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One of the things we love most about being a young give-back company is that we get to work with a lot of other companies who are doing amazing things. That’s why it’s been so fun to be working with Bike and Roll DC​, and such an honor ​for our bars to be ​included ​with each of their​ “DC ​Cool” bike rentals!

We think it’s pretty cool that we get to give life-saving food to children in need around the world, and to have Bike and Roll DC promote that cause through the cool people around Washington riding their cool bikes is just… well… cool!

We’ve had similar partnerships with other great companies like People Water, Out of Print, and now with Bike and Roll DC. We’re learning that not only is there a place for companies that do good and give back, but it’s becoming the cool way to do business.

​- Todd Grinnell, Co-Founder, This Bar Saves Live​s