Top 3 Reasons DC is Glad the Shutdown is Over



Aaannnnd we’re back!

As many of you have heard by now, our Government is officially back in business! And while we could detail all of the serious, practical reasons DC residents are thrilled the 15 day ordeal has finally come to an end (seriously, hooray for furloughed workers returning to their jobs!!) we thought we’d tell you why we’re especially giddy things are back in order today…

1. National Parks and the National Mall reopen

Need we say more? DC has not been itself since barricading off our precious memorials! Good to have you back, NPS.

2. WMATA will bring back 8 car trains

We thought the metro would be less crowded during the shutdown, and it may have been, but that didn’t mean we were getting to work any earlier! 8 car trains for the win!

3. The Panda Cam will be back up

All of DC is waiting with baited breath to see how much our little panda cub has grown since the cameras were first shut off!


Most importantly, we can’t wait to resume our regularly scheduled tours and take our guests to see our capital’s memorials up close!