Top 5 March Events in DC

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Hey Hunks,

Time to thaw out those tear ducts because February is almost over! Hooray! It seemed like this month was going to last forever, right? I was prepared for a thousand more days of misery and an endless stream of tweets about unplowed bike lanes. But great news! March is almost here. Say it with me: March. Feels good, doesn’t it? Anyhow, Bethany asked me to write a blog about some of the many great things coming up in this new and beautiful month of March, so here are five “events” to which I am looking forward:

Friday March 14, 2014Spoonboy // Theo Grizol // Hot Tears @ Space Jam – $5 – One of my housemates is smooching a boy who lives at the Space Jam. One day last week I came home and found a little handbill for this show on my fridge. Wow! Spoonboy (David Combs of the Max Levine Ensemble) has been active in the DC punk scene since I was in high school. High school! That’s legit. He plays plan-it-x style pop punk. You will probably like it. Theo Grizol performs in Defiance Ohio. Cool. Also, a band called Hot Tears? Yes pls.

Saturday March 15, 2014Sadie Hawkins Team Alleycat – $10 – Put on in part by Stefanie Winzeler, one of the organizers of last fall’s dope 19th Amendment Alleycat, the proceeds from this race will go to benefit Women and Bicycles. Always good to shred for a good cause. From the event description: “Forget what you know about Sadie Hawkins, this is about getting more ladies cycling the city streets. Who cares who asks who to dance, as long as you get out there and mash. Only 24% of DC cyclists are women, but WABA’s Women & Bicycles program is changing that. This is an LGBTQA friendly event! Ride at your own risk, follow the laws and be safe.” Sick. Also remember, all teams of two must have at least one female rider. As Stefanie notes on the fb page: “if you show up as a team of two dudes, you’re doing it wrong. Ride a bike with a girl. We may have cooties, but we’re fast and experts at navigating the streets of DC.” Word.

Sunday March 16, 2014WCP’s Loose Lips Democratic Mayoral Debates @ Black Cat – FREE (I think?) – Did you know that I have over a year’s worth of Washington City Papers, stacked chronologically, sitting on my bedside table? I just really like the City Paper, okay?! I even have a tattoo on my chest that says Everything I Know About DC Politics I Learned from Loose Lips. I am constantly appalled by how little people know about local politics. Get informed, yo! There are going to be plenty of mayoral debates leading up to the DC Democratic Primary on April 1, 2014, but if you’re only going to attend one, attend this one. Then when you get bored you can go downstairs, get a tallboy, and play pool.

Monday March 17, 2014Pot ‘o GOLDSPRINTS @ Capitol Hill Bikes – FREE (I think?) – Who doesn’t like to get all hot and sweaty doing some indoor stationary track bike racing? This event is going to be super sick and you should probably go. The head bike tech over there is doing some great things AND he used to work for us! So, yeah, do it.

Saturday March 22, 2014Segway into Spring Tour @ Bike and Roll DC – $$ – Tears of joy! Okay so this is the obligatory self-promoting item on this list, but I am actually really excited about our new Segway into Spring tour. It is going to be so dope! Segway into Spring is shorter and cheaper than our regular Segway tour and will take you around the back side of the Tidal Basin so you can see all the pretty cherry trees in bloom. Our tour manager Aaron has planned a killer route and we’ve got some awesome and enthusiastic tour guides on board to take you out. You should probably sign up today. Did you catch that? Click this link and give us all of your $$$. Please?

Okay. TL;DR: March is going to be great. Here is the GIF of those dancing clouds again. Have fun, be safe, and ride your bike all the time.