Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy a Bike


Still not sold on investing in a two-wheeled adventure? Well, we think we might be able to change your mind.

And lucky for you, we’ll be selling top of the line Trek Verve 3 adult comfort hybrid bikes THIS Sunday from 11am-3pm at our National Mall Location in L’Enfant Plaza. (Did we mention they’re being sold at awesomely discounted prices?)

1. A bike costs less than driving and public transportation
Buy a bike once, use it in place of your car or the metro, and boom- instant savings! That’s right, it doesn’t need any gas or fares to get you where you need to be. And the cherry on top: a high-quality bike will probably outlast that automobile of yours anyhow!

2. Your new bike will be environmentally friendly
How’s that for a clean (green) conscience? Not only does riding a bike save our environment from more pollution, but bicycles also have a teeny tiny manufacturing footprint when compared to cars, buses, and subways. What a simple way to help the planet!

3. You beat traffic and parking spot hunts
How many times have you been late because of traffic or the proverbial hunt for the only available parking space in a 5 mile radius? We thought so. With a bike, you control when you arrive at your destination, and you save loads of time due to that whole “lock it pretty much anywhere” thing…

4. You’ll lose weight and improve your health
Without even changing your diet, swapping your current motorized commute for a bicycle will do a whole lot for your health (and waistline!). In fact, most bike commuters report losing up to 20 pounds their first year of cycling (in addition to the obvious aerobic and stress-zapping benefits).

5. You’ll have a lot of fun
This is probably our favorite point of all because we see this day in and day out with every one of our tours and rentals. The fact is, riding a bike is really, really fun. Simple, but true! So, why not add some joy to your days and years to your life by incorporating a bicycle into your weekly routine? We thought you’d agree!