What Every Good Bike or Segway Tour Should Include

When you sign up for a tour at Bike and Roll DC, you are in for something special. There’s no better way to see all the sites this great city has to offer than by bike or Segway. You will be able to take everything in at a “just right” pace and experience so much in a short time. And, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and diverse group of fellow participants, you are sure to explore and learn in good company.

Naturally, none of our tours are exactly the same—we always adapt to the group and the situation. Our guides know how to cater to your wants and attention span! And we always strive to make it a uniquely rewarding experience—by first handling all the basics (easy sign-up; safe, well-fitting equipment; etc.) and then uncovering the small ways we can go above and beyond to help you have a great time.

As every tour is sure to be different, it begs the question: what should every good bike or Segway tour include? Not counting the Lincoln Memorial or any other “must visit” sites, here’s our list:

A Perfect Route– In our 12 years in operation, we have always set about to lead our tours to the most notable and popular destinations. And with so many people visiting the National Mall, it helps to know the best ways to get around. We have developed what we consider to be the perfect routes to move about and take in all the best vest views while not getting caught up in the crowds. We want your experience to be great and for you to see DC in all its beauty. For example, if you are on our Monuments at Night tour, your guide will be sure to lead you in the ideal direction to catch the Washington Monument reflecting on the tidal basin with the sunset cascading light on the other side. A knowledgeable guide makes all the difference!

Spontaneity– Of course, what makes for a perfect route sometimes means being able to adapt on the fly. Again, here’s where our tour guides really shine. Often, the best memories are formed by those specific moments that “just happen” and end up really making the trip. But no guide would be worth his or her salt without being able to read a situation and help steer the outcome to everyone’s benefit. Our guides will cater to your personality and wishes and make the best out of your time outdoors. Spontaneous detours or surprising encounters are all in a day’s work here.

Authenticity– We offer a true perspective on the city that’s not just rattled off from a history book. Ours is a family-run, local business and we know and love Washington, DC through and through. We pride ourselves on passing on the most interesting, informed content you’ll get on your visit and through your feedback along the way, we offer the kind of narration you really want. Prefer a more light-hearted take on DC? Or do you want just the facts? We’ll deliver the goods while always staying authentic and true to our native roots.

Good Company– It’s no secret you’ll have the most fun when you’re around cheerful people. Each year, we host hundreds of participants on our tours, and in general, they all come to have a good time and learn. You can count on joining and interacting wtih a diverse group of folks that will add to your enjoyment. And, your tour guide will grease the social wheels with their sunny disposition and plenty of jokes.

Snacks– Left without some nourishment, a little bit of physical activity might get your stomach growling. We provide water and a tasty snack on every tour so you don’t have to worry about getting peckish. And, judging from the smiling faces when snack time comes around, it might just be the most important thing on this list!